RadioTech, Inc.

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With a remarkably skilled leader at the helm, Radio Technology, Inc. offers the highest quality repair service in the industry. Our founder/service department manager has over 30 years of military and private-sector experience that has taken him to the front lines of radio repair technology.

At the beginning of his career, our founder worked overseas with the United States Marine Corps, repairing radios to their component parts and commanding a communications platoon, charged with radio and teletype repair and maintaining field intercom systems. Before retiring from the Marine Corps, he was granted high-level security clearance to act as a cryptographic radio repair person. After his impressive military career, he formed Silva Communications, Inc. and co-founded Radio Communications Group, Inc. (now Radio Technology, Inc.), continuing to supply radio repair service to police departments, hospitals and major transit systems.

Today, Radio Technology, Inc. provides our clients with our unique and in-demand narrowbanding services. Our impressive background includes training with Raytheon and Motorola in soldering techniques and component-level repair of walkie-talkies, pagers, mobile units and military navigation systems as well as a NABER (National Association of Business and Educational Radio) license. Our accounts have included the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority, for whom we serviced 1,200 train radios on four lines, 800 walkie-talkies, the master and back-up console communications rooms and the main and backup dispatch systems, and police and bus units which included 1000 vehicles, 60 repeater base stations and 800 walkie-talkies. Other well-known clients include Verizon, the Burlington, Lexington and Reading police departments and DPW, and Winchester and Salem hospitals.

Through the vast experience of our service manager and his team, Radio Technology, Inc. brings knowledge and attention to detail to our repair and narrowbanding services. But above all, it is our total commitment to customer satisfaction that sets us apart from all other providers in the industry, making Radio Technology, Inc. the right choice for your radio repairs.


About Radio Technology, Inc.

two way radio serviceRadio Technology, Inc. was founded in 1993 through a partnership of professionals with over 30 years of experience servicing two-way radios and designing the finest radio cases and straps. For the last 10 years, our subsidiary RadioTech, has been the United States’ top supplier of Fire Service Radio Accessories in the nation. Our employees are extremely dedicated to customer service and include Motorola service and parts sales personnel as well as sales representatives for our Fire Service Accessories.

At Radio Technology, Inc., our clients are our inspiration. Our clients in the fire service and emergency management professions have been directly involved in the development our products and services, including the RadioTech Communicator Strap, the Anti-Sway Stabilizer Strap, the our newest service: Narrowbanding. All of our fire service accessories have become the standard for radio straps being used today across the United States and our latest innovations, reflective cases and straps, have seen enormous success nationwide. Our Narrowbanding service is a revolutionary way to help our clients meet federal regulations, and is expected to see tremendous popularity.

radio technology incWe consider ourselves a family business, and we are proud to employ Americans for the design, sales and service of life-saving products. Whenever you utilize our services you are helping us to bolster the national economy and create local jobs. Our employees take pride in their work and workmanship, and each of us takes accountability and responsibility for what we do. We realize the importance of the equipment we service and protect, and always take the time to ensure that your orders and requests are handled quickly and professionally.

For Radio Technology, Inc., our products and services represent the highest quality in design, materials and innovation, and we stand by them. We are proud of the close relationship we maintain with our clients, a connection that allows us to interact with the end-users directly. We believe it is our responsibility to listen closely to their needs and to provide the best products and services available on the market.



In the words of our clients...

Radio Technology, Inc. has been servicing my company all the way back to when we carried pagers. They have great customer service and always fix my radios right the first time.

Rich Kneeland, Kneeland Construction
Derry, NH


Radio Technology, Inc. has been the only repair shop we have used in the past 30 years. We depend on them to keep our fleet going.

Mal’s Towing
Lexington, MA