RadioTech, Inc.

Motorola Portable Radio Repair Rates


$85.00 Per Unit:
CP100 / CP150 / CP200 / CP200XLS / BPR40 / SP50 / SP50+

$90.00 Per Unit:
GP300 / GP350 / P1225 / PR400

$115.00 Per Unit:
CT150 / CT250 / CT450

$140.00 Per Unit:
EX500 / EX500XLS / EX600 / EX600XLS
HT750 / HT1250 / HT1250LS / HT1500
HT1000 / JT1000 / MT1500 / MT2000
MTS2000 / MTX8250 / MTX9250
PR1500 / PR860

For more information about Motorola Two Way Radio repair rates, please refer to our Rates page, or contact us directly.

You can order your Motorola Portable Radio Repair Service by using our online form.


Motorola portable Radio Repair Service

repair imageWith more than 30 years of experience, Radio Technology, Inc. is one of the most qualified and expert Motorola Portable Radio Repair companies in the United States. We are one of the few companies that can perform component-level repair to your Motorola Portable Radio.

Using only original Motorola repair parts, our Flat Rate Service includes labor and return shipping via UPS Ground or USPS priority mail. We perform precise tuning and operational verification to factory specifications on every unit we service as part of our Flat Rate Service. Service rates to vary by portable radio model, and prices for each model we service are available in our online store.

For portable radios with physical or water damage, or that require replacement batteries or other accessories and optional features, additional service fees may apply. We encourage you to contact us directly if your portable radio requires any of these services and you would like a price quote prior to servicing your radio.

Our service ordering process is simple, and turnaround is quick:

  1. Complete the form to place your order for service. Be sure to provide all available information about your portable radio, accessories and problem.
  2. If you choose to pay online, we will email you a link to our online store where you can complete the checkout process.
  3. If you choose to pay by phone, call us toll free at 1-866-894-6115 after submitting your form to provide your payment information.
  4. Securely package your radio and any accessories that also need service and ship them to us as instructed in the email you receive after completing the form.

Feel free to contact us at any time regarding your order, payment or repair service questions.

Note about non-repairable radios: Because we use only Motorola parts, there may be an occasion when parts availability or circuit board damage causes your radio to be non-repairable. In these cases we are happy to refund your service fee and safely dispose of your portable radio, or return it to you in your pre-paid packaging.