RadioTech, Inc.

Motorola Two Way Radio Repair Rates

At Radio Technology, Inc., we believe in fair prices for our exceptional repair services. Our technicians have been trained to repair the following equipment to Motorola’s specifications at our high tech facility, using only Motorola factory authorized repair parts.

Motorola Portable Radios:


$85.00 Per Unit:
CP100 / CP150 / CP200 / CP200XLS / BPR40 / SP50 / SP50+

$90.00 Per Unit:
GP300 / GP350 / P1225 / P110 / PR400

$115.00 Per Unit:
CT150 / CT250 / CT450


$140.00 Per Unit:
EX500 / EX500XLS / EX600 / EX600XLS / HT750 / HT1250 / HT1250LS / HT1500
HT1000 / JT1000 / MT1500 / MT2000 / MTS2000 / MTX8250 / MTX9250 / PR1500 / PR860

Motorola Mobile Radios:

$115.00 Per Unit:
CM200 / CM300 / PM400

$125.00 Per Unit:
SM50 / SM120 / GM300 / M100 / M120 / M206 / M1225

$150.00 Per Unit:
CDM750 / CDM1250 / CDM1250LS / CDM1550

NOTE: Some older model radios have limited parts availability. We make all attempts to track the parts required, however if a model does not have Authorized Motorola Parts available, we will contact you prior to incurring any fees for your repair.

We offer flat rate fees for the most common services required for two way radio repairs. We ask that you contact us directly to discuss the rates for additional repair requirements, parts replacement and FCC licensing services fees for your portable radio or mobile radio model.


Narrowbanding Rates: Reprogramming Only

For current models of Motorola Two Way Radios that only require reprogramming services to meet the new FCC requirements for Narrowbanding, we offer Flat Rate Fees:

Motorola Portables

$ 30.00 flat rate:

Motorola Mobiles

$ 30.00 flat rate: