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Motorola Two-Way Radio Migration List

Many of the current models of Motorola Two Way Radios can be converted to meet narrowbanding requirements of 12.5 kHz with Radio Technology, Inc.'s reprogramming service. The following list of portable radios and mobile radios can be serviced by Radio Technology, Inc. for both Narrowbanding Service and FCC Licensing without any hardware modifications.

Motorola models of Portable Two Way Radios for Narrowbanding

BPR40 CT450 HT1250  
CP100   HT1250LS P1225
CP150   HT1500 PR400
CP185   JT1000 PR1500
CP200   MT1000 PR860
CP200XLS   MT1500  
CT150 HT750    
CT250 HT1000    


Motorola models of Mobile Two Way Radios for Narrowbanding

CDM750 CM300  
CDM1250 M120  
CDM1250LS M1225  
CDM1550 PM400  


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Migration of Discontinued Models

While some models of Motorola Two Way Radios may be discontinued, it is still possible to migrate many of them to the new bandwidth required by the FCC through retrofitting and reprogramming. The following list of discontinued models may be upgraded to the 12.5 kHz requirements by Radio Technology, Inc.:

Portable Two Way Radios