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We are experienced at all types of repair services for Motorola Two Way and Portable Radios, right down to the component level. Find out more about the services we provide and our exceptional quality at competitive prices.

Two Way Radio Repair



Your Motorola Two Way Radio or Portable Radio can be retrofitted and/or reprogrammed to meet FCC requirements for 2013. Find out more about our Narrowbanding Services for current and discontinued models of Motorola radios.

Narrowbanding Service


repair turnaround

Even if your radio is working, it doesn't help you if it's on our workbench. We offer top quality service with expedient turnaround for most all types of surface and component-level repairs.

Mobile Radio Repair

FCC Licensing Service

If you currently have a two way radio or portable radio, you may have already experienced the paperwork and hassle that FCC licensing can require. If you are new to the process, it may seem overwhelming or intimidating to deal with the forms, paperwork and technical information required to apply for a new license.

But with the help of Radio Technology, Inc. your process can become much simpler. Our experienced staff is trained and understands the requirements, paperwork and paths to licensing, and we are here to help:

  • New license applications
  • Modifications of your existing license(s)
  • License renewal

Working closely with a licensed frequency coordinator on current FCC licensing requirements, we will assist you with new applications, renewals, relocations, and modifications as well as help you prepare for the future.

In addition, once you've used our FCC Licensing Service, we will help keep you aware of any new FCC licensing changes that could affect your business communications. We will be there for you on the job today, and down the road.

You do not need to be overwhelmed by FCC rules and regulations. Radio Technology, Inc. can help to keep your FCC licenses in order. Contact us today for more information, or to sign up for FCC Licensing Service.


You can Trust us with your Repairs

repair imageFor many of our clients, their two way radio or mobile radio is more than a piece of equipment. For most, it is an essential life-saving device that must perform reliably and dependably for the safety of the emergency worker as well as the people they are there to assist.

At Radio Technology, Inc., our experience includes working with Motorola two-way radios in the most critical of situations. We understand that lives may depend on the performance of the radio, and we take that responsibility seriously. When you choose Radio Technology, Inc. for your two way radio repair service, your equipment is in the hands of people who take pride and care in performing only the best quality of work in two-way and portable radio repair.

And while pride in our work and understanding for its importance are a critical component to why Radio Technology, Inc. is a better service provider than most, our true difference is seen in our experience at component-level repair and the attention to detail that that requires. Our team of service personnel is trained and experienced in component-level repair, requiring exacting levels of detail-orientation. Any radio sent to us for repair is handed only to the most qualified of personnel, and is quality checked multiple times before being returned.

And alongside all of this care, quality assurance and attention to detail, we also believe and understand that your equipment does not help you if it is sitting on our workbench. We work quickly and efficiently to return your equipment in a timely manner, without ever sacrificing the quality of workmanship you receive. When you choose Radio Technology, Inc. for your repair service, you choose a partner you can depend on.



In the words of our clients...

We depend on Radio Technology, Inc. for our two-way radio needs, sales and repairs. Their team has taken good care of us for the past 15 years!

James Rennie, President
Rennie Security Systems Inc.
Saco, Maine